Behavioral analytics – the future of leadership?

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22 Apr 2021
22 Apr 2021

About the webinar

Meet Rafael Libardi, CEO of NoLeak in Toronto, and Ken Hyld, Lead Technology Architect at Microsoft Technology Center in Copenhagen. They will address how data can help to make “decisions with precision”, at our global EGN live webinar on 22 April 2021, 14.00-15.00 CET.

This webinar aims to help you understand how data can and will become a part of not only your business but also the way you lead and make decisions.

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Around 10 years ago, The Economist magazine quoted the science fiction author, William Gibson as saying, “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” Gibson’s comment is not a bad description of the varying degrees to which analytics and data-driven decision-making have been adopted in the public and private spheres. Today, few people doubt that properly planned and executed data analytics methods enable organizations to make more effective decisions.

Behavioral data is the data that tells you how customers, people, and things behave, be it in applications, on the web, or physically. Behavioral analytics can help organizations ensure that the strategies they follow for engagement deliver the performance they are expecting or help them make course corrections in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For example, advanced AI-based systems can identify suspicious actions and behaviors via cameras in real time which can be used to calculate a risk score for monitored environments. Behavioral analytics can also examine the “whats” and “hows” of customer behavioral data to inform the “whys” of customer behavior.

The speakers will also touch on the dark side of the story as it relates to emerging sources of behavioral data. There are ethical issues that must be faced regarding the capture and use of data coming from and relating to people’s behaviors.

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About the speakers

Rafael Libardi is the founder and CEO of NoLeak. Rafael is a security specialist with projects in the data privacy and security sector. His background is in Information Technologies, with an MSc in secure cloud storage. His life goal is to improve the privacy and security of our internet. He is a global member of Internet Defense League, Internet Society, IEEE, ACM, and Leader in Innovation Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Ken Hyld is Lead Technology Architect at Microsoft Technology Center in Copenhagen. Ken works with on-the-edge technology such as AI, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services. He is working with partners to provide a mix of partner solutions and customer PoCs and future technology options. Ken has been an External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School.

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