Would you like to be part of an inspiring competence network for CEOs?

Build strong professional relationships and share experience and knowledge in a confidential setting with other CEOs from mid-sized enterprises

Everyone deserves a good network

A peer network is vital for brainstorming new ideas, identifying benchmarks, receiving and providing support, sharing lessons learned & best practices, encouragement, reflection on how to help the business win and drive results, and being future-ready.

As a member of our EGN group for CEOs, you get access to a professional network that can contribute to developing your leadership skills, provide new insights for your organisation and coach you on personal, professional and strategic challenges in a confidential setting.

Your CEO network

Members of our peer group for CEOs are all experienced business leaders with strategic responsibilities and part of the executive board of directors in mid-sized enterprises in the UAE. Titles representing this position may include Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Co-founder, Managing Director, Owner, Chairman, Board Director, Partner, and General Manager.

We have peer groups for Leaders from companies in Fortune 500, Public Listed companies, as well as Medium Sized Enterprises, companies and organisations. Contact us to find the group that best matches your requirements, professional standards, and business sector.

Which themes do we discuss?

Themes covered vary from group to group. The EGN Group Members decide the strategic goal and agenda themes for the group with the Chair.

Both at and between the face to face meetings, the network members spar on concrete member issues. Moreover, the EGN Groups work with contemporary trends and tendencies thus addressing the issues that members face in their business life.

In addition, the groups work with personal leadership strategies and leadership development in general.

Examples of themes are Digital Transformation, Strategic Planning, Growth Acceleration, Crisis Management, Value Creation for Stakeholders, Analyzing Market Dynamics, Financial Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Organizational Development, Culture building, Strategic Partnerships, and Cyber Security.

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Become a part of our network family

Your peer group is just the tip of the iceberg...

You will also get: 

The Members' Universe

EGN’s very own tailormade and unique digital platform

Our Members’ Universe is a digital platform that you can access via browser or app. Use the plat-form to keep yourself updated and ask questions to your own peer group as well as the broader network community. Here, inspiration and help are always at hand.

Interesting events

A wide variety of events for our members

It is always nice to get out and be inspired. It re-energizes you and gives you a chance to meet oth-er members from our broad network. Therefore, we arrange a wide variety of interesting events You will automatically be invited to all of them.


Expert speakers brought to you directly from our online EGN studio

We fully understand that participating physically both with your peer group and at our events can be quite time-consuming. For that reason, we also host webinars where we invite experts into our online EGN studio. That way, you can tune in on the go.

Let us have a talk

Let one of our experienced advisors call you for a talk about your options in our network. Fill out the form and we will be in touch.

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Advisor for the CEO network

Varun Malik

Managing Director


+971 50 357 6604

Varun Malik is the CEO and Co-founder at Konsälidön, a new-age consulting firm powered by a digital platform that connects organizations with over 350 consulting teams more effectively than in the traditional consulting partnership model.

Prior to this, Varun had established and headed an Operations Consulting team and lead operational improvement projects for clients in the MENA region for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

During the 2020 pandemic, Varun had set up a not-for-profit CSR initiative by Konsälidön, called the Superheroes Project that helped small businesses and entrepreneurs cope with and recover from stress or losses that had arised due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone deserves a good network

At EGN, our primary objective is to match you with the right peer group in our network. We carefully bring together the right profiles and facilitate peer groups that all focus on strong relations and valuable communication between like-minded individuals. In your very own peer group, the latest knowledge and ideas, as well as challenges and solutions, are shared. This provides you with the optimal conditions for insightful learning and continuous improvement of both personal and professional competencies.

Words such as “change management” and “disruption” are pervading the business landscape – and this is regardless of whether those themes are on your daily agenda or not. Nonetheless, we know that everyday life demands that we understand and anticipate constant change and this, understandably, can give rise to certain surprises and challenges at work. The network is your source of obtaining valuable insights and the best tools to help you deal with the areas of your work that are important to you and to ensure that you feel confident in the decisions you make. Simultaneously, the network becomes your personal free space where you can test and develop innovative ideas and receive competent feedback from your peer group.

Over the last three decades, EGN has built over 700 strategically strong and innovative peer groups. Common to these groups are high levels of professionalism and confidentiality that rest upon a network community based on trust that provides access to relevant insights and knowledge you do not find elsewhere. With a good network right behind you, you avoid having to resort to expensive alternatives such as supplementary training and courses. Instead, you will always have a distinct group of like-minded professionals at hand, all of whom are competent and knowledgeable in your professional field. Together, you will help each other and work collectively towards making each other better.

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