CSR & Sustainability

Would you like to be part of a responsible CSR & Sustainability network?

Build strong professional relationships and share experience and knowledge in a confidential setting with other Senior Executives and Leaders passionate about sustainability and CSR initiatives.

Valuable relationships

Everyone deserves a good network

Sustainability took a huge step forward during the 2020 pandemic. Investors have begun to prioritize sustainability and demand that their portfolio companies provide detailed environmental, social, and governance information. Every company needs to track, manage, and reduce its environmental and social footprint – in its own operations and in its supply chain. Successful companies of the future view sustainability as a value driver for growth and innovative companies put sustainability at the heart of their business models.

It can be a great challenge to create a common foothold about CSR and sustainability efforts in the company, and therefore the sustainability leader of the future must possess the ability to systematize, develop and maintain sustainability.

With a professional network, you get to meet other CSR and sustainability leaders who speak the same language as you and who know exactly the challenges that may arise in everyday life. We take matching seriously and make sure that you are on an equal footing with others who are at the same professional level as you and have the same wishes for the network. The network is your free space, which gives you a break from everyday life and an opportunity to test your ideas and thoughts in a confidential setting. We fly high and provide space for both sparring, inspiration, and exchange of ideas so that everyone is ensured continuous personal and professional development.


Community of industry peers

Your CSR & Sustainability network

Members of our peer group for CSR and Sustainability are senior executives, decision-makers and influencers in charge of building and managing sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives within their organizations. Titles representing this position may include Director of SustainabilityHead of CSR, Head of Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility, Head of Sustainability and similar roles.

We have peer groups for Leaders from companies in Fortune 500, Public Listed companies, as well as Medium Sized Enterprises, companies and organisations. Contact us to find the group that best matches your requirements, professional standards, and business sector.

Keep up to date

Which themes do we discuss?

Themes covered vary from group to group. The EGN Group Members decide the strategic goal and agenda themes for the group with the Chair.

Both at and between the face to face meetings, the network members spar on concrete member issues. Moreover, the EGN Groups work with contemporary trends and tendencies thus addressing the issues that members face in their business life.

In addition, the groups work with personal leadership strategies and leadership development in general.

Examples of themes are 

Examples of topics discussed in the groups

  • Design Innovation
  • Accountability & Materiality
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Circular Economy
  • Industrial 4.0
  • Carbon tracking
  • Net Positive
  • Greenwashing
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities
  • Regeneration and Business Analysis.

EGN is so much more than a Peer Group

Members Universe

Ask questions to your industry peers, keep yourself up to date, and get global perspectives.

Webcasts & Events

Experience top-of-the-line webcasts and events. Get members-only content and continue the conversation in Members Universe.

Value for you and your company

A strong network of Peers delivers valuable inputs and new ideas

We connect you with Leaders who share your responsibilities and challenges, together we make each other better


Company Benefits?

  • Employee development – Enhanced skills and new business insights
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Large savings on Consultants, Product and Market research, Courses and Education in general.


Member Benefits?

  • 5 half-day annual Peer Group meetings
  • 6 annual Global Webinars
  • Social events and dinner
  • Contact or query, 24/7 year-round, to 15.000 members worldwide and 700+ professionals in United Arab Emirates, through Members Universe.

Peace of mind

You are in good hands

30 years of experience

What started as one man’s vision in 1992 is now a global network with 15.000 members in 15 countries.

Matching is key

Our experienced Network Advisors match you with leaders who share your level of responsibility and represent similar companies. We unite you with companies from diverse industries.

All members have veto rights to avoid the submission of competitors. 

Trust & Confidentiality

Trust is important in a network, therefore all our meetings are confidential.

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