A unique event for CEOs, Owners, and Presidents of companies in Belgium

EGN´s CEO Pit-Stop

On the 26th of October and the 23rd of November, we will host our annual Executive Brunch for CEOs, Owners, Founders, and Presidents of top-performance companies in Belgium.

Bring your expertise, priorities and challenges, and join us for a collaborative and confidential discussion on topics such as Leadership Development, the Future of Business, and the Role of the CEO in driving growth and company performance.

This session not only offers a unique networking opportunity and provides you with a chance to gain new perspectives and concrete solutions from leaders who share your responsibility.

Participation is free of charge. 
Kindly apply for your spot using the form to the right.

The session will be facilitated by EGN’s CEO, Jonatan Persson and Country Manager, Patrick Junius.

Event Details

Two available dates: 26th of October and 23rd of November – Time: 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM.

Location: Hof ter Musschen, Av. Emmanuel Mounierlaan 2, 1200 Brussels.

  • Profilbillede_Jonatan-300x300
    Jonathan Persson
  • Patrick Junius - EGN 1
    Patrick Junius
    Country Manager
  • Christophe Van Gansen 500 x 500 px
    Christophe Van Gansen
    Network Advisor

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Making each other better

We are passionate about helping people and companies develop

  • Save time and money

    A professional network is a time-saving and efficient investment.
  • Test your ideAs

    The peer-group is an ideal setting to test your work related ideas.
  • A network behind you

    If you lose your job, you can stay in your peer-group for one year with our Between Jobs initiative.

a safe choice

30 years of experience

We have been creating professional peer-groups since 1992.

Our experience shows, that you need to choose carefully who to trust and listen to. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating groups, where you get the best possible peer support.

Everyone deserves a good network.

  • Value through experience

    We know what works and have focused on professional networks since 1992. And only that.
  • Optimisation and innovation

    We have refined the way we do network – and we’re far from done learning.
  • True to our core values

    We pride ourselves on being respectful, helpful and professional. We focus on our mantra: Making each other better.
  • A Global Network

    We have members across the globe, all contributing with perspectives and skills through our members universe.

Our scale is your advantage

A globally connected network

As a member, you get access to our global network through the Member’s Universe. This access provides international perspectives and sparring on industry-specific issues.

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