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Create new relationships in a confidential network for sales managers

Are you ready to challenge yourself and get new inspiration and tools for future sales?


A peer network is vital for new ideas

As a sales manager, your main task is to lead and develop the sales function. You have the big picture in mind and you have to make sure that the department is in focus. In close coordination with the sales team, you will ensure a solid interaction between operations, results and customer service.

It requires strong collaboration, good communication and an ability to motivate and create clear objectives that everyone across the function can understand and relate to. Challenges will never be lacking in the role of sales manager, which is why it can be beneficial to seek sparring and advice from like-minded people who know your working reality.

Utilize your network

Stay on top of current industry knowledge, insights, and best practices

We invite you to become part of a large professional network, boosting your sales career and helping you build valuable leadership skills for life.

You will be carefully matched with other sales manager profiles who match your professional level and network aspirations. Through confidential group meetings, you’ll build strong relationships and become each other’s primary sparring partners, familiar with the workflow and realities of everyday life.

You will assist each other with qualified advice, inspiration and new angles on the problems you encounter in your everyday sales work. At the same time, you typically look at individual cases and work together towards creative, tangible solutions that can be tested and implemented in practice.

Composition is key

Be part of a strong peer group with like-minded profiles

The network brings together experienced sales executives with strategic and operational responsibility, working in small, medium or large companies.

Titles may include Sales Director, Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Export Manager, Pricing Manager or similar.

Stay up to date

A look into future marketing disciplines

Themes vary and are decided by the network leader together with the members. Typically, they are based on different issues, challenges and cases from members, current trends and tendencies, as well as personal leadership style and leadership development in general.

You may experience themes such as:

Theme examples

  • Sales strategy
  • Partnership
  • Sales tools
  • CRM
  • Incentive programs

A valuable network

A good network expands the horizon
- also for the company

At EGN, the focus is always on the development of each individual member, in groups where best practices are discussed and shared. Your employee will be part of a professional and confidential setting that provides access to a wide range of innovative opportunities, tangible solutions, and invaluable industry insights – all of which will give your employee the best prerequisites for addressing the challenges of tomorrow. See also our marketing networks.


How does it benefit the company?

  • An employee with strengthened competences
  • An employee with access to exclusive knowledge and experiences
  • An employee who knows the best practices of others
  • An employee who is motivated and continuously growing
  • Considerable savings on consulting services, market research, courses, supplementary training etc. 


How does it benefit the member?

  • 4-6 annual meetings of 4-5 hours each
  • A professional Network Chair who facilitates the meetings, ensuring value creation 
  • Access to 14,000 other active members of EGN
  • Inspiration from external industry experts
  • A wide selection of themed meetings and events
  • Insights and ideas from other companies
  • Free access to EGNs digital Members’ Universe

Peace of mind

You are in good hands

A strong and confidential network is by far worth its weight in gold and can save you and your company a huge amount of expenses for consultants, supplementary training, research etc.

30 years OF experience

What started as one man’s vision, is now a global network with 14,000 members spread out across 12 countries, collectively representing more than 8,000 companies and professional peer groups.

Trust & Confidentiality

Based on professional relationship building and experience exchanges in a confidential work forum, we strive to create personal, professional, and business value for our network members.

Composition is key

We take great pride in matching you with the right people who can give you value and who can challenge you and help you grow.
We make sure to interview all members in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

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