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Change is the new normal

– but how do you succeed with your change communication in your organization?

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30. mar 2023
30. mar 2023

About the webinar

Join our EGN Global live Webinar and meet Mathias Grüttner, MD of Napica, associate professor and international consultant.

In this webinar Mathias Grüttner will share a few of his favourite tools from more than 20 years of working with change, leadership, communication, and motivation.

Change Communication

Communicating new initiatives, new strategic decisions, new concepts, or other kinds of change to your stakeholders or organisation can be hard. But we need to succeed with our change communication in order to achieve our company goals. Getting a yes to the new initiative, creating motivation and behavioural change and getting the organisation or stakeholder group to follow the new way of working is crucial.

If you fail to communicate, get buy-in and create motivation and engagement, your change project will fail. And so will you.

Join us to get insights and tools on how to get the change you want for your project, your team or your entire organisation.

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Billede af Mathias Grüttner fra Napica

About Mathias Grüttner and Napica

Mathias Grüttner, who is MD of Napica, has more than 20 years of experience with leadership coaching and change management and advises knowledge-intensive companies in leadership, communication and implementing change. Besides being MD, Mathias is an associate professor in communication, management and leadership.

Napica is an international consultancy firm within change, communication and leadership with offices in Europe (Denmark) and Asia-Pacific (Australia). They are trusted advisors in change, strategy implementation and leadership projects and also design and conduct training programs in leadership, communicating change and creating motivation.

Napica works together with several universities and has among other projects done a research project on how to best communicate the implementation of an IT strategy in a financial organization.

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