Start Using AI (Authentic Intelligence)

– to Move Ahead in Your Career

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7. okt 2021
7. okt 2021

About the webinar

We invite you to an EGN Global Webinar on Thursday, October 7 at 9.00 CET.

Meet Arthi Rabikrisson, Founder and MD of Prerna Advisory based in South Africa. Arthi is a neuroscience coach for leaders and businesses.

Everyone is talking about AI (artificial intelligence), the exciting revolution that can occur within organizations from a systems and processes point of view. From a human capital perspective, it’s a little less clear and certainly perceived as risky when it comes to the impact of AI on career growth and development.

In this keynote Arthi empowers the audience to reconnect with a different AI to spur their career ahead: Authentic Intelligence – being the brain. The talk focuses on the emphasis of self-awareness about how one’s brain is wired to process information, learn, and create habits, while simultaneously using that awareness to dismantle self-limiting beliefs, doubts, anxieties, narrow perspectives, and biases. The centres of emotional intelligence, where the feelings of empathy, happiness and fulfilment reside, is explored too. By bringing this understanding to the conscious, this begins the journey of creating a new roadmap of positive habits, thoughts, perspectives, and actions. This is the edge that moves your career forward.

Some of the key insights and outcomes you will gain from the session are:

  • Understanding how truly unique your brain really is
  • How natural intelligence preferences shape you to be authentic as a leader and in your career
  • Why practicing empathy as a leader can be a game changer
  • Re-imagining executive presence authentically and with empathy

Times adjusted for time zones:

9.00-10.00 AM Central European time (CET)
10.00-11.00 AM Helsinki time
2.00-3.00 PM Bangkok time
3.00-4.00 PM Hongkong time
6.00-7.00 PM Sydney time
8.00-9.00 PM New Zealand time

We point out that only EGN members subsequently have access to the webinar materials: recording and associated hand-outs.

About Arthi Rabikrisson

Over the course of an intensive 15-year corporate career in the investments industry, Arthi has led multiple, successful initiatives (among them equity research, talent management, capital raising, portfolio management, transformation, and coaching) across geographies and client segments in business.

Arthi is an MBA graduate from Henley Business School, having been awarded the prestigious Archbishop Desmond Tutu scholarship at the age of 26 to complete her studies. Her thesis on EI in teams to attain competitive advantage in financial firms was awarded a distinction.

Arthi is an ACC ICF accredited coach, a member of the Association of Coaching, Master Partner Practitioner for the Neuro-Agility Profile™ Assessment, and a member and contributor of thought leadership insights on the expert panel on the Forbes Coaches Council, along with articles for Forbes.

Arthi hosts the growing Inspire your Life podcast, aimed at bringing uplifting stories of real people, with implementable advice and lessons learned for listener’s benefit. She further co-hosts The Swan Effect podcast which aims to simplify the complexities of money management and personal finances.

Arthi is an Independent Non-executive Director of Global Grassroots, an NGO focusing on woman empowerment in vulnerable communities, currently focusing on Rwanda and Uganda.

In September 2021, Arthi won the Positive Role Model Award (Southern Africa) in the Entrepreneur/Consultant category at the 9th Gender Mainstreaming Awards.

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