The boss is responsible for being a good leader


Well…. I have been working within international top management for more than 15 years and only rarely this is what I hear employees say. Instead the stress level in many companies reaches unexpected heights. Employees are shopping around for new jobs as never before, and the work is getting more and more ineffective.

In many organizations the employees tend to express the ”OMG” as a reaction to a high turnover of staff, a high stress level and an increasing inefficiency due to unreasonable conditions and unclear targets.

There is a need for us as managers to take on the responsibility of being an even more competent leader. As a boss you are obliged to qualify your own skills towards employees as well as the company.

”But how”, you might ask somewhat tired… there are only 24 hours in a day. Within these hours we also have to live up to our job ambitions, work voluntarily on projects, complete an ironman, participate in social activities and be the best possible parent, etc.

While looking at sick leave being in red and watching the competent employees leaving the company you might think that now you want to focus on books, articles and courses to develop as a leader.

Yes, you ought to do so if you have the time for it!

Or you can make it easier for yourself – just like 14,000 other leaders in EGN: become a member of a professional peer group. Today EGN is an international peer group concept and for the past 30 years we have focused on developing leaders. We know what we are talking about.

Experience shows us that a peer group is the most time-optimizing and highly efficient direction towards improved leadership. You will get a professional group comprised of relevant professional peers with whom you can spar.

All you have to do is to take on the responsibility of developing into an even more competent leader. This is done by prioritizing your need to listen to peers and by drawing on their experience. In this way you will certainly improve, and you will avoid repeating mistakes.

Good leadership starts from above, but leadership is not a profession.

Generally, skilled merchants, lawyers, engineers, production people, doctors etc. become leaders. They might not have taken the time – or they have not been allowed to take the time – to qualify for leadership development in relation to their profession.

To become a good leader nothing is more efficient than drawing on the the joint experience of a professional peer group and to openly give and to receive advice and guidance. In a confidential setting, which is neither judgemental nor political.

Your membership gives you immediate access to several hundred years of experience and an open vibrating life line to a 24-7 network.

I’ll be surprised if the knowledge will not be helpful to you and your challenges. You will most certainly be able to test your strategies and ideas. At the same time, you will also contribute to the peer group with your experience and advice.

A professional peer group is simply the strongest education in practice, and it is very time efficient.

Networking is not leisure time. It is serious and hard work when you bring up your subjects and assignments to peers and thereby choose not to make the same mistakes again and again via the constructive co-operation with peer executives.

The point is that the difference between good and bad leadership is very visible. Bad leadership gives stress, high sick leave, inefficiency and employee exodus. Good leaders optimize possibilities, make good decisions and profit from other’s experiences.

Are you in doubt?

You will know when you hear the sound of ”OMG”

About EGN
EGN brings people together. This is and has been the company’s sole purpose throughout the past 27 years. EGN is today a global networking company with 14.000 members in 15 countries.

Together we represent more than 8.000 companies spread out across 70 different functions. EGN is a professional peer network in which members share a common ambition to make each other better – every day

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