Membership conditions of the EGN peer group

At our core of operations are peer groups of approximately fifteen top professionals, including business experts and leaders. Your group will meet five times a year for a half-day. The meetings are facilitated by the EGN peer group leader, who is an experienced management professional. Its role is to ensure good interaction and synergy between the group and to lead meetings effectively. The peer group leader will also act as the group’s facilitator and liaison for all your group and network questions. EGN members have access to the Members’ Universe membership site. Members ’Universe allows you to connect with our members around the world.

Membership period

Membership is valid until further notice. Membership begins when the other members of the group have accepted the new member. The duration of the membership period is 12 months. The membership period includes five peer group meetings. The first billing period starts from the group meeting date agreed with the offer. Membership can be terminated 1 month before the start of the next membership period.


We will bill once other members of the group have approved you to join the group. The membership period is after that invoiced each time when the membership period changes.

Payment term

14 days net.

Special conditions

  1. If you lose your job, you can take advantage of a team of colleagues to find the next step in your career development and continue with us as a member for free for up to a year.
  2. If you change your job, you can switch to a peer group that matches your new career challenges.
  3. If the membership does not match the description of the offer, it is possible to cancel it within 6 months of the first peer group meeting. In this case, 50% of the membership billing will be refunded. However, the withdrawal of membership requires at least two (2) attendance at peer group meetings. Cancellation of membership must be done at:


Prices are group-specific, see the price in the peer group file.

Updated 10/19/2020.