Belongingness: The future is `we´

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About the webinar

Join us for EGN Global live webinar on July 4 at 9-10.00 CET and meet Anne-Marie Finch.

Welcome just as you are: From ME to WeToo

Anne- Marie Finch: Both my parents were rebellious against the spirit of the times. Both were the first academics in their families, and achieved most of what they wanted, but they never managed to shake off the struggle to belong, just as they were, and thus they were never completely free. 

My expertise in talent and global leadership experience, from corporate to start-up and scale-up, has shown me that many people on the go have lost the experience of belonging, just as they are, and that now is the time to ensure ourselves and each other the connection through belongingness. Otherwise, the world will polarise further. 

Hence, it is with the greatest joy that I can say a big welcome to WeToo as a business movement scaling strengths via the power of belongingness.  

WeToo has a direct impact on the following: 

* The ’S’ -> Social aspect in ESG (Environment, Social & Governance), also referred to as the leader’s new guide for effective leadership, which investors are increasingly focusing on. 
* Addressing well-being issues in the workplace. Stress in Danish workplaces costs 37,335 full-time positions or USD 2.37 billion annually according to the National Research Centre for the Working Environment. 
* Reducing/eliminating misinformation and disinformation. Misinformation and disinformation thrive in ”fitting-in” cultures and lead to employee turnover, sick leave, and challenges in attracting talent. The World Economic Forum has identified misinformation and disinformation as the biggest global threat in 2024. 

This webinar will explore: 

  • Belongingness vs. fitting-in: To belong with others, you need to belong with yourself. From the power of self-leadership to the power of WeToo.  
  • Consciousness vs. unconsciousness: Examining the dynamics of consciousness in a speeddrawing film, how we can act consciously and unconsciously, and how our actions can be competent or incompetent accordingly. 
  • Scaling strengths: There are only strengths when we identify them and promote them as a strategic cultural narrative scaling talent. 
  • Diversity of Thought: How WeToo is activating diversity of thought by bridging creatives and thinkers and how this impacts people´s well-being, their development, and the economic value. 
  • A new Era:  Discussing the broader effects of WeToo on society and how businesses can contribute positively. To nourish cultures of belongingness, we need to listen to each other to understand rather than listen to speak reinforcing Fitting-in. 

We point out that only EGN members subsequently have access to the webinar materials: recording and associated hand-outs.

About Anne-Marie

  • Specialization in Talent: MSc in Psychology with an empirical Master Thesis about Talent.   
  • Executive Development: Over 4,000 individuals have participated in Anne-Marie´s Executive Guidance and Development Programs. 
  • Awards and Recognition: 
    • Ranked as a Top 100 Talent in Leadership in 2015. 
    • Named the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Business Development in 2017 and 2018. 
  • Leadership Expert: Authored over 60 opinion columns for leading business publications from 2016 – present. 
  • Industry Leadership: Selected as a talent and spokesperson for the ‘Future Boards’ program by the Confederation of Danish Industry. 
  • Growth Experience: Proven leadership track record of doubling or tripling the growth of several scale-up companies. 
  • Government Support: Served on the government’s entrepreneurship panel in 2017 representing ‘Talent’. 

The next film is already on its way, the first book has been published, the next one underway and the talks are being booked like crazy. So get excited – because you deserve to belong, just as you are. 

For more information, please visit AM’s website.  

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