The communications advisor of the future

Part II – Putting theory into practice

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About the webinar

How do you become good Trusted Advisor to the CXO of your organization and what are the skills and competencies you will need to develop and the processes you will need to master?

In the first part of this series, we explored key points of the new book ‘The Communications Advisor’ on how to navigate in the business context of the organization, earn the trust of the person you are advising, and mastering the 9 critically important competencies as a Trusted Advisor.

Now, we are joined in the studio by Katrine Rørdam, Director of Communications, Radiometer, for an inspiring chat about her transformative, practical experiences improving the competences of her advisor team in the Communications Department.

Katrine will present her thought-provoking and innovative use of a combination of micro-change and open leadership and, interestingly enough, she developed the process with a negligible investment of resources.

Katrine will also share her insights about the requirements for both leaders and employees if you want to grow the advisor competencies in a team.

So please join us for this interactive webinar, where you will be able to learn about putting the Competence Matrix into practice in your own team and share your thoughts and experiences with communication professionals from all over Europe and possibly beyond.

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Our guest

Katrine Rørdam has worked professionally in the field of Corporate Communication for the past 14 years.

Following her graduation from Copenhagen Business School, she went on to work as a Communications Consultant at Coloplast. Just three short years later, she took on her first leadership assignment, as she joined Ernst & Young as a Marketing & Communications Manager. After a short spell at Deloitte, in 2016 Katrine joined Radiometer as Internal Communications Manager and today she is heading the Communications & CSR Department.

Our host

Anders Monrad Rendtorff is a communications advisor with more than 25 years of experience in some of the largest Nordic companies such as Ericsson, Telia, Coloplast and Vestas, including roles as global communication director. He is currently an associate partner at the communications consulting company RelationsPeople as well as head of communications for VL, the Danish Management Society, and a network director for EGN, Executives Global Network.

Since 2016, Anders Monrad Rendtorff has been employed as an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School at the Institute for Management, Society and Communication and he has written a range of articles and co-authored a book on research communication.

In November 2022, he co-published ‘The Communications Advisor’ with associate professor, PhD, Gitte Gravengaard (University of Copenhagen) and Kristian Eiberg, CEO and partner, RelationsPeople.

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