The Power of AI & ChatGPT: Unleash Productivity and Profits

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About the webinar

Join us for the last EGN Global live Webinar of the season on Thursday, 29 June at 9-10.00 AM CET with AI expert Andrew Louder, CEO and Founder of Louder Co.

The days of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being intimidating and unattainable are over, and this webinar aims to prove that. AI should be viewed as a quick, practical way to increase profits by way of increased productivity and efficiency.

This presentation is highly engaging, highly practical, and not technical at all.  All levels of AI-awareness should benefit from this presentation, especially those with zero acumen of AI.

We conduct a live demo of ChatGPT, taking commands and prompts from the audience as they see it’s power in real-time!

This presentation equips EGN members with a basic knowledge of AI so they know where to find opportunities for it in their business. We discuss the differences between building and buying AI with the greater focus being on how to buy off-the-shelf AI solutions that can benefit their business immediately. We provide several videos so the member can see AI happening before their eyes and connect it to their business opportunities.

Value to Members

EGN members will walk away from this webinar with the following:

  • Awareness into how easily attainable AI is so it can start generating increased profits right away
  • A high level knowledge on what Artificial Intelligence is and how we’re all using it today
  • Ways in which they can implement readily available AI quickly and affordably with big ROI
  • Real examples of AI being utilized in businesses today
  • A way to determine what steps their businesses would need to take to be AI-ready
  • Awareness into the possibilities for AI in their businesses and a confidence to move forward

We point out that only EGN members subsequently have access to the webinar materials: recording and associated hand-outs.

About Andrew Louder

Andrew is the founder and CEO of the consultancy Louder Co.  They help businesses change the way they operate so they can become more profitable.  Andrew has spent 16+ years in Management Consulting, where he’s previously worked for big name firms like KPMG and EY in their Strategy and Operations advisory practices.  Louder Co. takes his and his team’s big company experiences to help businesses of under $100M in annual revenues.  They do it by making operations more efficient and productive the old-fashioned way by improving processes, and the more innovative way by implementing AI solutions.  

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