In times of crisis, Emotional Intelligence is crucial for successful leadership

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27 Apr 2023


About the webinar

EGN Global Live Webinar 27.04.2023, 09:00 – 10:00


In times of crisis, emotional intelligence is crucial for successful

Join the EGN live webinar on Thursday, April 27, 2023, from 9-10.00 AM CET and meet Denmark’s leading expert in Emotional Intelligence and Mind Control, Mikkel Severin, CEO of Mind Control.

In times of crisis, the need for emotional intelligence (EQ) leadership becomes even more pronounced. In a world that is constantly becoming more complex, more collaborative, and more uncertain, the necessity of EQ to create successful results becomes even more pronounced.

In a world dominated by war, inflation, the so-called “new demands” of Generation Z, constant volatility and high levels of stress the winners are those who master human interactions.

Emotional intelligence is the comparative advantage

The business case for EQ is second to none. But how do companies really stand when it comes to EQ as a strategic priority? How many prioritize it? How do we measure and improve EQ? And what characterizes individuals with high and low EQ?

The core competencies within EQ are self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy. High EQ drives good leadership, psychological safety, accountability, optimal team performance, effective conflict resolution, and excellent negotiation. Unfortunately, many companies promote people to leadership positions without regard for their EQ, with significant consequences for the department and the company – both financially and humanely.

Average companies neglect EQ in times of crisis.

In times of crisis many companies act through top-down control, hard KPIs, lack of involvement and lack of understanding. Employees are consived as resources. Often with catastrophic consequences, internal distrust, towering stress levels, silo formation, fear, retention challenges etc. Challenges that the top 1% of companies do not have.

In this webinar, you will gain insight into
 what sets the top 1% of companies apart from the average and why they make people a strategic priority. Not just a strategic priority – but the most important. 

Imagine being met with understanding, openness, and recognition in a safe and inspiring environment where perspectives can be discussed and challenged, and the best solutions win in times of crisis, where the focus is on the team and community rather than ego, fear, and information vacuums. 


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About Mikkel Severin

Mikkel Severin is Denmark’s leading expert on emotional intelligence. Mikkel Severin advises top leaders and companies on decoding people’s emotional intelligence in leadership and negotiation based on his Mind Control techniques. 

Mikkel helps his clients create massive, rapid, and long-lasting results. 

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