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8 Oct 2024

Exclusive Member Event
Center of Brussels: “Le bouche à Oreille

Sustainability & Leadership

Integrating sustainability into a leadership vision is not just a strategic advantage; it is an imperative for modern organizations. It drives innovation, enhances reputation, manages risks, and attracts talent, ensuring the organization remains resilient and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

By committing to sustainability, leaders can create a positive impact on the environment, society, and the economy, fostering a sustainable future for all.

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About the speakers

About Philippe Kehren

Philippe Kehren, 52, is Solvay’s CEO since the spin-off of the Specialty Chemistry business in December 2023. He was previously President and Head of Sustainability of the Soda Ash global business unit at Solvay. He joined Solvay as part of the acquisition of Rhodia where he held various management roles. 

He holds a degree from Ecole polytechnique and a MSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. Kehren is recognized as a global industrial business leader. As Solvay’s CEO, he brings 30 years of strong, cross-functional experience acquired in multiple management roles.

About Anne Kloosterboer

Anne Kloosterboer is an expert in business transformation. Anne possesses a blend of visionary thinking, practical execution skills and a no-nonsense approach. One of Anne’s driving passions is turning traditional businesses into net positive entities. With an unwavering commitment to true value creation, she brings forth innovative strategies that align profitability with social and environmental responsibility.

Anne works as Managing Partner and co-CEO of the Belgian business transformation consultancy firm LQ.

About Wim Vermeulen

Wim is the Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Bubka. He is an expert in Marketing Effectiveness and Corporate Sustainability.He is a lector at the Solvay Business School and an international speaker.

“Corporate and brand credibility is essential for companies transitioning to sustainability because it builds consumer trust and investor confidence, ensuring that sustainability claims are seen as genuine. It provides a competitive edge by differentiating the company and driving innovation and efficiency. Credible sustainability practices help companies comply with regulations and mitigate risks related to environmental challenges. They also attract and retain top talent, enhancing employee morale and engagement. Ultimately, credibility in sustainability ensures long-term business viability and strengthens relationships with stakeholders”.

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