EGN´s CEO Peer Group


“EGN is an amazing professional source of inspiration bringing ideas, innovation & best practices” – Marsh

A peer network is vital for new ideas, benchmarks & support.

Members of the CEO Peer Group

CEOs and Heads of Strategy from top companies who are operating in Belgium.

Group topics

With the help of the chair, members select and prioritize the topics of interest they want to deep-dive into. It could be:

  • People
  • Culture & Engagement
  • How can we improve the entrepreneurial spirit & agility in a large corporation without losing grip
  • Long term vs short term
  • Self-management (prioritizing and finding time)
  • How to attract and develop employees and competencies of tomorrow
  • Leading at a distance
  • Managing and Adopting Digitalization (how to implement and use AI, ML, become more data-driven)
  • Secure Growth and Scalability
  • Innovation
  • Pricing
  • Crisis Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Value Creation for Stakeholder and much more…

Group Chair & Network Advisor

Vinciane Verbiest


+32 475 30 56 40

Vinciane Verbiest is a leadership/executive coach, corporate trainer having 25+ years’ experience in International People Leadership in FMCG, Healthcare & Technology companies like Cadbury Schweppes, Baxter and Mastercard. Vinciane’s role is to ensure that all meetings are effective, highly relevant and rewarding for all participants. Preparation is key and so are clear and actionable take-aways after each meeting, ready to be applied in the respective companies.

Christophe Van Gansen

Network Advisor

+32 471 03 55 87

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You will also get: 

The Members' Universe

EGN’s very own tailormade and unique digital platform

Our Members’ Universe is a digital platform that you can access via browser or app. Use the plat-form to keep yourself updated and ask questions to your own peer group as well as the broader network community. Here, inspiration and help are always at hand.

Interesting events

A wide variety of events for our members

It is always nice to get out and be inspired. It re-energizes you and gives you a chance to meet oth-er members from our broad network. Therefore, we arrange a wide variety of interesting events You will automatically be invited to all of them.


Expert speakers brought to you directly from our online EGN studio

We fully understand that participating physically both with your peer group and at our events can be quite time-consuming. For that reason, we also host webinars where we invite experts into our online EGN studio. That way, you can tune in on the go.