Compliance leaders

Is your business compliant with industry regulations and ethical standards?

Connect with industry peers, share your expertise and gain new perspectives, inputs and solutions in a network for Compliance Leaders.


Keeping your organization compliant, in collaboration with others in the industry

Join our peer group for Compliance Leaders who are facing the same challenges as you. 

We match you with experienced leaders, and together you share valuable insights, solutions and actions to increase performance and save time.

Community of industry peers

Members of this Peer Group

Members are executives and decision-makers in charge of compliance and ethics within their organizations.

Chief Compliance and Ethics Officers (by title or de facto) Group/Head of /VP/ Director of Compliance, Head of /VP/ Director of Legal, Compliance & Ethics, Head of Risk Management & Compliance (& Audit) are the primary members of this peer group.

We ensure a good mix of industries creating diversity of perspectives and a richness of innovative ideas for you and your company. No consultants, no competitors, no sponsors are accepted in the groups, but we regularly invite experts.

Keep up to date

Topics we discuss?

The meetings are facilitated by a competent and experienced Peer Group Chair who ensures that relevant topics are always on the agenda.

Examples of topics:

Examples of topics discussed in the groups

  • Anti-money laundering regulations
  • Conflict of interest
  • Innovation and technology driving new demands e.g., AI, automation, people analytics
  • Regulatory and political change e.g., GDPR, 5MLD, cybersecurity, Brexit, Covid-19
  • Data privacy and data protection
  • The rapidly evolving role of Head of Compliance and Ethics: reporting lines to CEO/GC/audit, independence, empowerment, collaboration with legal, HR, risk, and other key functions
  • Personal liability
  • Code of conduct, ethics and integrity, corporate culture, workplace politics
  • Due diligence of suppliers
  • Compliance from process to values
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Whistleblowing and compliance – best practices for managing expectations
  • Insourcing vs outsourcing, limited resources
  • Future skills of the Head of Compliance & Ethics and team members
  • Climate change and ESG as a key driver of value, risk, and opportunity. Responsible investments
  • Anti-bribery, anti-corruption, competition, anti-trust, trade controls and many others

EGN is so much more than a Peer Group

Members Universe

Ask questions to your industry peers, keep yourself up to date, and get global perspectives.

Webcasts & Events

Experience top-of-the-line webcasts and events. Get members-only content and continue the conversation in Members Universe.

Value for you and your company

A strong network of Peers delivers valuable inputs and new ideas

We connect you with Leaders who share your responsibilities and challenges, together we make each other better.


Company Benefits?

  • Employee development – Enhanced skills and new business insights
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Large savings on Consultants, Product and Market research, Courses and Education in general.


Member Benefits?

  • 5 half-day Peer Group meetings over 12 months. 
  • 1 exclusive social dinner and separate apéritif per year with your Peer Group.  
  • 1 in-person annual event with a high-profile speaker per year. Bringing together our members from all EGN Belgium groups. 
  • Monthly webinars led by expert keynote speakers on a range of leadership topics.
  • Member´s Universe: Contact or query, 24/7 year-round, to 15.000 members worldwide and 800+ professionals in Belgium. 
  • 1 in-person onboarding meeting per month for newly joined members of EGN to grow your network and learn the art of effective networking.

Peace of mind

You are in good hands

30 years of experience

What started as one man’s vision in 1992 is now a global network with 15.000 members in 15 countries.

Matching is key

Our experienced Network Advisors match you with leaders who share your level of responsibility and represent similar companies. We unite you with companies from diverse industries.

All members have veto rights to avoid the submission of competitors. 

Trust & Confidentiality

Trust is important in a network, therefore all our meetings are confidential.

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