Communication Leader?
Where do you go for support?

EGNs Peer Group for Communication Leaders in top companies. 

A peer network is vital for new ideas, benchmarks and support. Step out of your daily routine and be inspired by professionals who knows your challenges.

You deserve a good network

In all our peer groups, the focus of attention is on confidential knowledge-sharing, relationship-building, and a mutual exchange of experiences.

The latest ideas, challenges and solutions are brought to the table, providing you with the optimal conditions to improve and thrive both personally and professionally. Also, you save valuable time and expensive resources in your everyday life and are given a unique opportunity to expand your professional horizons which will add to your value within your organization.

Our Communication Peer Group

This peer group consist of leading communication professionals from medium and large organisations such as Aquafin, BDO and Coca-Cola.

Our members are passionate about communication and leadership and they want to share their expertise with professionals who know their challenges and priorities.

Topics we discuss?

All our meetings are agile and member-driven, together with the chair our members select and prioritise the topics they want to deep dive into. It could be:

  • Communication in times of pandemics
  • Employer Branding
  • Sustainability and the role of communication
  • Reputation Management
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Crisis communication
  • Measurement and KPIs in Communication
  • Digitalization, etc.

Become a part of our network family

Your peer group is just the tip of the iceberg...

You will also get: 

The Members' Universe

EGN’s very own tailormade and unique digital platform

Our Members’ Universe is a digital platform that you can access via browser or app. Use the plat-form to keep yourself updated and ask questions to your own peer group as well as the broader network community. Here, inspiration and help are always at hand.

Interesting events

A wide variety of events for our members

It is always nice to get out and be inspired. It re-energizes you and gives you a chance to meet oth-er members from our broad network. Therefore, we arrange a wide variety of interesting events You will automatically be invited to all of them.


Expert speakers brought to you directly from our online EGN studio

We fully understand that participating physically both with your peer group and at our events can be quite time-consuming. For that reason, we also host webinars where we invite experts into our online EGN studio. That way, you can tune in on the go.

Let us have a talk

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Network Advisor & Chair

Christophe Van Gansen

Network Advisor

+32 471 03 55 87

Joëlle Fabri



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