A network for Heads of Production and Manufactuering

Connect with Leaders who understands you

Strong connection in top companies

Share experiences, knowledge and ideas with leaders who understands you.

Join our new peer group for Heads of Production and Manufacturing. Connect, Share and Develop with leaders who are facing the same challenges as you. 

We match you with experienced leaders, and together you share valuable insights, solutions and actions to increase performance and save time.

professional development with leaders who know your challenges

Members of this Peer Group

The members of this group are Chief Production Officers, VP of Manufacturing/ Production, and Prodcution Directors. 

All members are based in Belgium and work in medium or large Belgian or multinational companies. This peer group will consist of multiple industries and diverse companies. 

We focus on topics that you have top of mind

Topics of interest

All topics are selected by the group members in collaboration with the Chair. You select and prioritize the topics they want to deep-dive into, it could be: 

  • Labor Retention/Shortage of Skilled Workers
  • Supply chain instability – backup solutions for a critical shortage of raw material
  • Advancing sustainability and ESG investment
  • More prominent impact of AI and machine learning on roles shift
  • Navigating Changing Regulations and Laws
  • Smart factory initiatives – bring operational efficiencies to scale
  • Cybersecurity – rising threats
  • Change Management, and many more. 
More than a peer Group

EGN is more than a Peer Group

Members universe

Our Members’ Universe is a digital platform that you can access via browser or app. Use the plat-form to keep yourself updated and ask questions to your own peer group as well as the broader network community. Here, inspiration and help are always at hand. The network consist of more than 500 executives in Belgium

Annual events & Webinars

EGN arrange annual events with top speakers and networking sessions, both online and offline.

In between Jobs

Use the power of EGN to get you next challenge.

Value for you and your company

A strong network of Peers = Valuable inputs and new ideas

We connect you with Leaders who share your responsibilities and challenges, together we make each other better


Company benefits?

  • Employee development – Enhanced skills and new business insights
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Large savings on Consultants, Product and Market research, Courses and Education in general.


Member Benefits?

  • 5 half-day annual Peer Group meetings
  • 6 annual Global Webinars
  • 1 Cross-functional event in Brussels
  • 24/7/365  – Contact/query to 14.000 members worldwide and 500+ executives in Belgium.

Peace of mind

30 years of experience with professional Networking

30 years of experience

What started as one man’s vision in 1992 is now a global network with 14.000 members in 15 countries.


Our experienced Network Advisors match you with leaders who share your level of responsibility and represent similar companies. We unite you with companies from diverse industries.

All members have veto rights to avoid the submission of competitors. 

Trust & Confidentiality

Trust is important in a network, therefore all our meetings are confidential.

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