Sustainable Business Leaders

As a business professional passionate about sustainability, you must have the right knowledge to be a sustainable 'game-changer'. Use your peer group to make sure you are on the right track.

You deserves a good network

The era of sustainability has begun and every company has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact.

But, how do you define your goals? How do you secure active commitment and investment from key internal stakeholders and from those across your supply chain? What are the opportunities and the challenges?

Join EGN’s new peer group on sustainability to learn how to lead the way. We promise you a network and a setting to learn with and from your peers.

About the new Peer Group

We are forming this new peer group to bring together business leaders with a high-level responsibility for the design and implementation of their company’s sustainability strategy and policies.

If you are forward-thinking and in-charge of finding even better, greener ways for your company to operate, then this group is for you!

We ensure a good mix of industries creating a diversity of perspectives and richness of innovative ideas for you and your company.

Purposefully, we restrict membership to business executives, decision-makers and critical influencers – and, we avoid recruiting direct competitors to any member.

Since this is a peer network, we also do not allow consultants and other vendors to become members, preferring instead to invite them to provide expert insights as guest speakers should that be of interest to the group members.

Potential topics for the peer group meetings

Our meetings focus on the challenges our members find the most important. They exchange views and experiences, gain new perspectives, get feedback on their ideas, and reflect on future best practices.
The discussions are held on the strategic level; some topics could be:

  • Your business’s Sustainability Strategy
    • switching from reactive to proactive
    • development, implementation, and governance
    • from strategy to action – creating enhanced business performance with sustainability
    • the tension between long-term sustainability initiatives (requiring investment) and the need for short-term business results and uplift
  • Cross-border initiatives, regulations, and laws (and integrating them in your business approach)
    • EU’ Green Deal and “Fit for 25” roadmap
    • UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and risk frameworks
    • KPIs for ESG reporting and peer benchmarking
    • Compliance and governance checking
    • Data collection process
    • Reporting and messaging around an improvement trajectory
  • Engaging stakeholders
    • Building C-suite engagement and managing their active involvement
    • Securing the right Investment for your sustainability program and quantifying the return
    • Managing company culture and workforce habits
    • Dealing with activists
  • Sustainability initiatives & ecological measures
    • Waste reduction and recycling
    • Energy efficiency and water stewardship
    • Pollution reduction
    • Footprint minimisation and green supply chains
    • Product lifecycles
    • Sustainable transportation, construction
    • Ecological sourcing
    • Human rights and labour responsibility

Become a part of our network family

Your peer group is just the tip of the iceberg...

You will also get: 

The Members' Universe

EGN’s very own tailormade and unique digital platform

Our Members’ Universe is a digital platform that you can access via browser or app. Use the plat-form to keep yourself updated and ask questions to your own peer group as well as the broader network community. Here, inspiration and help are always at hand.

Interesting events

A wide variety of events for our members

It is always nice to get out and be inspired. It re-energizes you and gives you a chance to meet oth-er members from our broad network. Therefore, we arrange a wide variety of interesting events You will automatically be invited to all of them.


Expert speakers brought to you directly from our online EGN studio

We fully understand that participating physically both with your peer group and at our events can be quite time-consuming. For that reason, we also host webinars where we invite experts into our online EGN studio. That way, you can tune in on the go.

Let us have a talk

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Network Advisor

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