EGN in a nutshell

EGN is the second largest professional business development network in the world, with 14.000 members in 15 countries
EGN connects you with 20 like-minded peers, in an open & confidential environment during 5 half-day annual meetings + online all year + events

At EGN Belgium, we have experience-sharing peer groups for CXO, Heads of, VPs and Senior Directors across all executive functions, all working in large Belgian & multinational companies located in Belgium. A great majority of profiles have an international scope of responsibilities.

Your Benefits

Since 1992, EGN has provided tailored peer groups for business leaders and specialists. Through business relationships and experience sharing in confidential settings, we strive to create personal, professional and business value for our members.
The following is a summary of the general benefits of being a member of EGN.

Your company benefits

We gather ± 20 well-matched peers having the same executive function and level, similar organizations, from diverse industries to:

  • Compare organizations/strategies/tools/processes/KPIs
  • Share experience/best practices/lessons learned
  • Reflect on dos & don’ts, avoid pitfalls, seize opportunities, foresee & interpret trends
  • Gain new ideas/advice/perspectives to solve the most pressing business challenges and improve your results
  • Save time and resources and become/stay future-ready

We ensure a good mix of industries creating diversity of perspectives and a richness of innovative ideas for you and your companyNo consultants, no competitors, no sponsors are accepted in the groups, but we sometimes invite experts.

Top 5 reasons to join a professional business network

1.  A peer network is your best job security

80% of jobs are never advertised and are instead filled through networking. It is important to make sure that you have a network of trusted peers who would give you a referral for your next job hunt. But remember your network will only recommend you if they know you and trust you. So, please stop dreaming about headhunters looking for you or connecting with everyone who pops up on your LinkedIn – that won’t help.

2. A peer network is the fastest and most effective way of learning

Peers that have the same function and responsibilities in comparable companies are the best to understand each other and thus to share relevant ideas, benchmarks, lessons learned, best practices and actionable solutions.

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn”

– Warren Buffet

3. A peer network is your best anti-stress

We know that it is cold, tough and lonely at the top. Joining a confidential forum where you can openly and honestly share your uncertainties, questions, problems and challenges, and get support, feedback and inspiration from the best brains is a huge relief. You’ll gain energy and save a lot of time and resources not having to reinvent the wheel.

4. A peer network makes you more creative and responsive to change

The world is changing so fast and you can’t possibly know it all. By prioritizing time to reflect together on business transformation, new ways of working, trends, future threats and opportunities, you will be better prepared to face the challenges ahead and ensure business continuity and growth.

“We need diversity of thought in the world to face new challenges”

– Tim Berners-Lee

5. A peer network ensures you a better performance and increased influence

Being able to tap into the collective intelligence of a network allows you to achieve better results, grow your influence and improve your impact. Gaining new perspectives and ideas will contribute to more innovative problem-solving, continuous improvement, collaboration and value for all your subordinates as well.