Marketing Professionals

A Network to empower yourself and others.

Build strong professional relationships and share experiences in a confidential setting with other executives.

Valuable relationships

Everyone deserves a good network

As a member of one of our EGN groups for Marketing Professionals, you get access to a professional network that can contribute to developing your leadership skills, provide new insights for your organisation and coach you on personal, professional and strategic challenges in a confidential setting.

Community of industry peers

Our Marketing Peer Group

Members of our peer groups for Marketing Professionals are experienced Leaders with strategic responsibilities. Titles representing this position may include Chief Marketing Officer, President of Marketing, VP of Marketing, Senior Director of Marketing, Head of Marketing or Director of Marketing.

We have peer groups for Leaders from both companies in Fortune 500, Thailand top 100, Public Listed companies, as well as Medium Sized Enterprises, companies and organisations in advertising, brand teams, marketing teams, e-commerce, digital and social media, design etc.

Keep up to date

Agenda Themes

Themes covered vary from group to group. The EGN group members decide the strategic goal and agenda themes for the group with the Chair.

Both at and between the face-to-face meetings, the network members spar on concrete member issues. Moreover, the EGN groups work with contemporary trends and tendencies thus addressing the issues that members face in their business life.

Below you find potential topics for the meetings, as suggested and discussed with our Group Chair.

Pragmatic Inclusivity and universal design
Empower individuals, makes your brand more accessible for millions of people, and effectively unlock the $3billion opportunity.

Radical alturism
How doing good can be great for your business. Creating initiates that deliver positive societal results, engage your whole organisation, motivate stakeholders and deliver increased revenue and profitability. 

Profitable Sustainability
Identifying and delivering eco initiatives that can work at scale, maintain quality, can be delivered ling term, build brands, and effectively engage customers – whilst maintaining or reduce costs – and driving sales

Engaging Marginalised consumers
60% of the world’s population are ‘non mainstream’ and often excluded by brands, products and services. By understanding these groups, their drivers, blockers and motivation, businesses can reward and engage people, and reach millions of untapped customers.

Each topic includes: 
Introduction. Framing paradigms. Scale of opportunity and size of prize. Best and worst practice. Key principles. Immediately actionable principles. Tool kits, matrices and processes to utilize. Application to live projects and real opportunities and challenges.


EGN is so much more than a Peer Group

Members Universe

Ask questions to your industry peers, keep yourself up to date, and get global perspectives.

Webcasts & Events

Experience top-of-the-line webcasts and events. Get members-only content and continue the conversation in Members Universe.

Tailored Peer Groups

Your peer group is assembled by our experienced networking consultant, ensuring that it matches your management level and professional discipline.

Expert meeting design

All peer groups are facilitated by our experienced and continuously-trained EGN Chairs.

Business Benefits

EGN acts as a support network for your entire business, giving you benefits that include upskilling of your key employees, insights into the latest market trends and tools, as well as access to a confidential 'board of advisors’ via each EGN group and a global pool of 15,000 experts.

EGN Insights

As a member of EGN you get access to our thought leadership insights, which include e-books, learning tools, articles, member best practices and much more.

Value for you and your company

A strong network of Peers delivers valuable inputs and new ideas

We connect you with Leaders who share your responsibilities and challenges, together we make each other better.


Company Benefits?

  • Employee development – Enhanced skills and new business insights
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Large savings on Consultants, Product and Market research, Courses and Education in general.


Member Benefits?

  • 6 half-day Peer Group meetings over 12 months.
  • Your personal EGN group represents a confidential forum where all ideas and challenges can be discussed with peers at your own, professional level.
  • Monthly webinars led by expert keynote speakers on a range of leadership topics.
  • Member´s Universe: Contact or query, 24/7 year-round, to 15.000+ members worldwide .
  • 1 in-person cross-functional meeting per month for  members of EGN to grow your network and learn the art of effective networking.

Peace of mind

You are in good hands

30 years of experience

What started as one man’s vision in 1992 is now a global network with 15.000 members in 15 countries.

Matching is key

Our experienced Network Advisors match you with leaders who share your level of responsibility and represent similar companies. We unite you with companies from diverse industries.

All members have veto rights to avoid the submission of competitors. 

Trust & Confidentiality

Trust is important in a network, therefore all our meetings are confidential.

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