Discover our Peer Groups.

Please contact us if you cannot find your area of expertise, managerial or specialist level on the current list of networks. We continuously establish new peer groups based on needs and interest.

Your very own peer group – both an anchor and a catapult ​

A peer group is, in many ways, comparable to a subscription to a fitness center – if you do not use it, you will not see any results. You need to commit yourself and be involved – also on days when you may not be in the mood for it, a good network is all about cooperation. 

That said, it makes no sense nor provides any value to be a part of a random peer group. And, to stay in the fitness analogy, neither would you force a person with a bad knee to run on a treadmill – instead, you try out the exercise bike or maybe the rowing machine to see what fits better. You need to be where it feels right and where you are comfortable. And that is easier said than done. 

Luckily, you do not have to figure it out yourself. We operate many peer groups across the country for those working as leaders or specialists. We cover all kinds of areas – from leadership and development where leaders inspire and improve each other, to more specialized groups for plant managers or chief legal officers, just to name a few. 

We take pride in creating harmonic and dynamic peer groups where finding the right match remains the focus of attention. For that reason, your journey with EGN always begins with a talk about you, your work, your areas of responsibility, and your wishes for the network. This helps us in identifying the right group for you. 

The peer group as an anchor

Everyday life can be hectic for most people. It is not always easy to juggle family, work, and social life in a time where everything moves rapidly and we are required to make things more effective. 

Stress is an increasing problem and lack of time is a prominent factor. At work, you are expected to solve all operational tasks while thinking strategically and strengthening your competencies – all at the same time.  

It can be hard and frustrating to figure out the solutions on your own which is why a confidential peer group with a high degree of trust can function as the anchor that provides you with renewed energy, inspiration, and advice.  

The right peer group can be perceived as an effective way to replace supplementary training and courses because the insights and competencies you are looking for are often found within the network. Consider the peer group your own personal advisory board where 20 like-minded individuals are always available to you – a value that is hard to match. 

The group is a forum where you can speak openly and vent your frustrations and challenges with other like-minded people who listen to you and want to support and help you. 

The peer group as a catapult

The right peer group can be your superior weapon in the “career war”. We all want to do our very best in a business world where it is all about the ability to generate value.  

The peer group is your database and a shortcut to insights and solutions. It can save you a tremendous amount of time on research because, most likely, there will be a person at the table who already has the information or the solution you seek.  

The group can provide you with the head start you need to make you a highly coveted profile within your field. At the same time, it can give you much more peace of mind to help you make the right decisions because you can test your ideas in a forum that you trust.  

We hope that we have sparked your interest.