Gair Maxwell is an expert in branding techniques

Why the story makes the legend in branding

Gair Maxwell, brand expert, has cracked the code to making any brand legendary. It´s about creating a story.

“When the Mona Lisa was hanging in the Louvre some 114 years ago in 1910, there was not much attention to her. But that changed just a year later, when something extraordinary happened,” Gair Maxwell says.

But before he reveals what happened to the Mona Lisa in 1911, he underlines, that even though this event was indeed extraordinary it also serves as a general example on how legendary brands are made.

“As many of you maybe already knew, The Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911. This made headlines in newspapers all around the world and sent the small painting in to stardom. In other words, a story was created.”

Gair Maxwell is a brand expert and has helped companies in all sizes build their brand identity. As an expert he knows that not all companies can be just as lucky as the Louvre Museum. To have a great art heist draw the attention of the world right into their arms is exceptionally rare, but the concept is none the less applicable to any business, he states.

Two ways of becoming a legend

The first way of becoming a legend is like the Mona Lisa heist, where the story happens to you. This is almost impossible to predict or make happen but there is another way, Maxwell states.

“You have the power to make the story happen to you. There are plenty of examples of brands creating themselves. But it takes creativity, courage and hard work.”

Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

One of Maxwells favorite examples of a brand creating their own identity is from the cold north of Canada. Maxwell was working with the mayor of a small town called Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

“Moose Jaw Saskatchewan created their own story by building the world’s tallest moose statue and then going to “war” with the Norwegian town, who claimed to have build a taller one.”

As odd as it may sound this tactic worked.

“The media attention spurred a new identity and a brand for Moose Jaw on which they have build upon. The town has grown like crazy ever since. The story put them on the map, businesses and people move there in a pace unlike any in that area.”

Watch the trailer for Gair Maxwells “Big Little Heroes” concept right here.

Challenge status quo

All legends are born from a single point in time. But there are similarities in how they are created, and that means it is copyable. Leaders need to realize this and start challenging the traditional way of brand building.

“If you just do as everyone else, you will never become a legend or the top of mind juggernaut in your competitive space. Making ads highlighting your products and your prices only gets you so far. Becoming a legend demands you to think outside of the box.”

When Gair Maxwells is hired to work with branding in any organization, he always begins by looking for the story and how to tell it.

“The use of storytelling is absolutely essential, when building a brand identity that can become legendary. “

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