Creating sustainable relationships

– with customers, employees and suppliers

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About the webinar

We welcome you to join our EGN Global live webinar on 24 March 2022, from 09.00-10.00 CET.

Meet Rowan Jackson MVO, co-founder and chairman of Promising Outcomes. After a distinguished 20-year career in the Royal Marines, Rowan applied his leadership ability to business and has become an in-demand strategy consultant and coach. He is known for his memorable workshops, extensive industry knowledge and is a regular guest speaker around the world. His work with Promising Outcomes focuses on improving the quality and value of business relationships of all types, bringing organisations closer to their employees, customers and other stakeholders.

An essential element of long-term sustainability, highlighted by the impact of the COVID pandemic, is the core resilience and flexibility of any organisation, to be able to adjust effectively to complex changes in their macro and micro-economic environments. This core strength can only be achieved by developing a highly collaborative and engaged workforce which, in turn, underpins the delivery of a consistent high quality adaptive customer experience. When viewed in the context of a supply chain, these collective relationships improve loyalty, productivity and value. Furthermore, they create an environment where problems are overcome by adopting a more collaborative approach based on mutual benefit.

Rowan will explain why a clear understanding of employee and customer expectations, and how well an organisation is performing against them, provides powerful and actionable insight that informs better decision-making, drives continuous improvement, unlocks innovation and provides the catalyst for longer-term, sustainable competitive advantage.

Times adjusted for time zones:

08.00-09.00 GMT
09.00-10.00 Central European time (CET)
10.00-11.00 Helsinki time
15.00-16.00 Bangkok time
16.00-17.00 Hong Kong time
19.00-20.00 Sydney time
21.00-22.00 New Zealand time

We point out that only EGN members subsequently have access to the webinar materials: recording and associated hand-outs.

About Rowan Jackson

Rowan Jackson is a Strategy Development & Implementation specialist and Executive Team Facilitator. He has worked both as a consultant and as a change management practitioner in companies.

Rowan has had two careers; the first, 20 years in the Royal Marines where, after serving in Commando units, he spent two years in The Royal Household. After this, Her Majesty The Queen invested him as Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO). He is the Chairman of Promising Outcomes Limited.

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