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Andreas Normén is a member of an EGN peer group

Andreas Normén needed fresh ideas

After three years of working as a Business Development Manager for Essity, Andreas Normén felt like he needed a different perspective. Then he joined a peer group at EGN. A year ago, Andreas Normén received a recommendation from his manager, who was a member of a peer group at EGN and thought Andreas could find

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Gair Maxwell is an expert in branding techniques

Why the story makes the legend in branding

Gair Maxwell, brand expert, has cracked the code to making any brand legendary. It´s about creating a story. “When the Mona Lisa was hanging in the Louvre some 114 years ago in 1910, there was not much attention to her. But that changed just a year later, when something extraordinary happened,” Gair Maxwell says. But

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How to overcome executive loneliness

Mental health issues are rising dramatically as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. The problem is particularly acute among business leaders, who’ve been under intense pressure the past six months. Many are now at or beyond breaking point.

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