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Gair Maxwell is an expert in branding strategies

Why the story makes the legend in branding

Gair Maxwell, brand expert, has cracked the code to making any brand legendary. It´s about creating a story. “When the Mona Lisa was hanging in the Louvre some 114 years ago in 1910, there was not much attention to her. But that changed just a year later, when something extraordinary happened,” Gair Maxwell says. But

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Why values, inclusion and diversity attract talent

A high salary is not the only factor young talent looks for, when choosing a job Inclusion and diversity have become buzzwords in recent years, and for good reason. It is not just about ticking boxes or meeting quotas, but about creating a culture where everyone feels valued and included. When employees feel that they

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Andrew Louder is an AI specialist and consulent

Why you need to start using AI in your business

Get on board with AI now, if you don´t want to be left behind while others reap the benefits of modern technology Artificial intelligence (AI) I and especially ChatGPT is taking the world by storm at the moment. But why is it so useful, and how do you get started using it? We have asked

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Nick Johnson is a thriving executive after coming back from depression

Vulnerability is human – also for executives

A personal crisis hit Nick Jonsson seven years ago. He was fired from his job and fell into a downward facing spiral, from which he hit rock bottom two years later. But then things changed. “I call it: My Journey from Being a Fat, Daily Drinker and Lonely Executive to a Thriving CEO and Endurance

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leadership report frontpage

New leadership report surprises – AI use are spreading rapidly

New leadership report shows widespread embrace of artificial intelligence. In nature, it holds true that only those who can adapt survive. The same applies in the business world, where the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a part of companies’ practices. EGN’s extensive leadership report shows that 47 percent of all workplaces either

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Leadership report being analyzed by futurist Tom Cheesewright

Leadership report sparks AI debate

Futurist Tom Cheesewright reacts to new data coming from the EGN leadership Report. A brand-new leadership report has been made available including a survey from no less than 3328 business leaders and specialists. They were asked to answer questions concerning five key challenges facing leaders and organizations in 2024. We had renowned futurist, Tom Cheesewright

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The CEO’s 7 Laws of Leadership

Whitepaper Journey to the Summit The CEO’s 7 Lawsof Leadership Through 60 years of coaching over 100,000 CEOs and business owners, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to be a top performer who lifts everyone else along with them. Our CEO’s roadmap distills those learnings into time-honored, weather-tested truths. Conquer these 7 laws and you’ll

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Karen Wendt on leaders working for sustainable implimentation

Green swan? Leaders, work for sustainable implementation!

In the age of disruption. Leaders need to focus on opportunity recognition. Risk management systems help leaders to recognize weak signals, turn them into opportunities and to stay competitive in an increasingly sustainable world Journalist, Philip Nordentoft When Karen Wendt was hired by Deutsche Bank in 1992, it was in the department of business development

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Rowan Jackson on sustaining your organization with customer & employee research

Why customer and employee research may sustain your organization

It is hard to stay competitive if you lose touch with your customers and other stakeholders. Rowan Jackson helps organizations create and sustain relationships by understanding what they expect. Any organization benefits from having good relations with their customers, and the key to sustain your customers and employees, is independent research into what they expect.

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Paul Hargreaves on purpose driven sustainability

Why sustainability needs to be a purpose-driven journey

Just ticking boxes on sustainability is not enough. The desire to change needs to be present, businessman Paul Hargreaves, believes. Journalist, Philip Nordentoft Everybody is talking about sustainability, and most businesses are taking some sort of action into becoming more sustainable. But to really make an impact, to become an asset to the planet instead

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Sustainable leadership: Innovation means survival

To keep any business sustainable, agile and resilient in an increasingly uncertain future, it is imperative to dare innovate – even before innovation is needed Journalist, Philip Nordentoft Now, more than ever, business leaders across the globe, in small corporations as well as big corporations, need to recognize the need for a sustainable transformation –

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