With a great network behind you, you are never alone

We build relationships and share knowledge in confidential peer groups

Making each other better

We are passionate about helping people and companies to develop

 In our peer-groups, best practices are shared and discussed, and everyone makes each other better. You get concrete and confidential sparring and invaluable experience to tackle daily challenges.

  • Save time and money

    A professional network is a time-saving and efficient investment.
  • Test your ideAs

    The peer-group is an ideal setting to test your work related ideas.

Tailor-made groups

Just the right match

The most important thing is, that group members create value for each other.

Through an initial, no-obligation conversation, we will identify which peer-group might be relevant for you.

  • Continuous development

    The network focuses on development in a dynamic interaction through sparring, inspiration, topicality and learning.
  • Confidential space

    Confidentiality and trust are essential for you to speak freely. That’s why competitors are not put together in groups.
  • Option to switch

    We know your career can take a turn. We make sure you’re always in the right peer-group.
peer groups gather people and make connections
Peer groups inspire their members
Peer groups are a great way to meet new people
a man working, who is also a member of peer groups

a safe choice

30 years of experience with peer groups

We have been creating professional peer-groups since 1992.

Our experience shows, that you need to choose carefully who to trust and listen to. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating groups, where you get the best possible peer support.

Everyone deserves a good network.

  • Value through experience

    We know what works and have focused on professional networks since 1992. And only that.
  • Optimisation and innovation

    We have refined the way we do network – and we’re far from done learning.
  • True to our core values

    We pride ourselves on being respectful, helpful and professional. We focus on our mantra: Making each other better.
  • A Global Network

    We have members across the globe, all contributing with perspectives and skills through our members universe.

Our scale is your advantage

A globally connected network

As a member, you get access to our global network through the Member’s Universe. This access provides international perspectives and sparring on industry-specific issues.

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What our members say

A valuable network

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”We gather people with the same kind of responsibilities, same level of contribution, and the same kind of interest, so it really connected to my reality and my needs. ”
Cathrine Stroobant
EMEA, Talent Manager
”For me it is important to continue to grow in my career and to grow by learning from others. That is the reason why I decided to join your network and it has been a great decision.”
Hubert Van Nuvel
VP and HR, Levis Strauss
"I started in the HR group. I found that it was so insightful creating the networks, but also co-creating solutions, having debates on the key questions that we had. "
Veronica Cabedo
COO, HR Consultant & Coach

We are here to help

Frequently Asked Questions about our peer groups

The peer-groups consists of up to 25 members, who share the same work-tasks. the peer-group meet 4-6 times a year to do sparring, sharing of knowledge and developing. In between meetings, it is always possible to reach out to peers from the group.

The cost of a membership variates from group to group. But did you now, it is typically paid by your employer? Often peer-groups will be a part of the budget concerning staff-development or continued education. Unlike educationall courses, peer-groups provide the possibility of choosing topics, that are relevant for you. what you learn, you will be able to implement directly into your company.

A networking group is your ticket to a professional overview on current issues and cutting-edge developments in your industry. Here, knowledge is condensed, distilled, and experiences are shared saving you and peers from wasting time and money.

Everyone can contribute and bring value to the group. Having members of varying seniority, age and experience provides diversity and makes the group more dynamic. It is important that members can contribute with their professional skills to the group.

Membership follows the employee. If you get a job where your current group is no longer relevant, we’ll make sure to find the right match again.

Still having questions?

Haven’t found the information you’re looking for? 
Our network advisors are ready to answer your questions.

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    Kasper Sørensen
  • Saskia Parker is the network advisor for female leader peer groups
    Saskia Parker
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    Hanne Nielsen