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New leadership report surprises – AI use are spreading rapidly

New leadership report shows widespread embrace of artificial intelligence.

In nature, it holds true that only those who can adapt survive. The same applies in the business world, where the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a part of companies’ practices. EGN’s extensive leadership report shows that 47 percent of all workplaces either already have or are in the process of implementing guidelines for the use of AI.

According to the survey, AI is currently mostly used for “improving data analysis and forecasting” as well as “automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows.” Additionally, only 2 percent of respondents state that AI will not improve their business in any way in the future.

The survey also indicates a positive outlook towards a future with AI as part of the working life. Read more about this and all other responses in the attached report.

Based on the answers from a total of no less than 3,328 EGN members, primarily holding leadership positions, the results and conclusions in the EGN Leadership Report 2024 are of a very solid and unique international nature.

How should we act?

Jonatan Persson, Group CEO for EGN, stated the following in the report:

“The increasing pressure on companies necessitates an important discussion about the future. How do we navigate in a world where uncertainty is the new normal? How do we embrace the new world unfolding with AI, and how do we ensure that we do not naively plunge into a technology we do not understand?

At EGN, we feel compelled to engage in this discussion. With more than 15,000 members of leaders and specialists, we have a unique insight and platform to prepare the future workforce for the many challenges the world faces. We hope that this survey can contribute to breathing life into the debate and involve the broader business community in understanding the direction we are all moving towards.”

Read the report in Members’ Universe

In our Leadership report, you can, among other things, gain insights into five key challenges for leaders and organizations in 2024.

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